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DIAMOND Residential Complex

Tehran - Iran 2015

Payest Co

Parham Mirdamadi, Alireza Fatemi, Majid Derakhti


Playing with shadow in the elevation of the building. we create a facade with bricks that have a different variety.  We should use bricks because of the neighborhoods, but we decided to use it in an innovative way,  as which we combined bricks as the main material along with concrete for the terrace, and also divided them with pulling and pushing, and shift them based on shadow effect that this trass gave on the windows. We brought our brick pattern to the terrace with modeling inside of the concrete by rotating bricks and creating holes in some parts. It creates the opportunity to have several types of sun rays and shadows.


For the planning part,  we followed the cultural aspects of Iranian life. We provided direct sunlight for two bedrooms and separated them from other areas.  We have two terraces based on the client’s request, and both of them worked out well with different functionalities as well. Minimizing the useless spaces in the house in order for people to furnish all areas based on their needs.

Residential Complex Exterior.jpg
Exterior 02.jpg
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