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The Information & Technology Center

Azad University of Tehran, Iran


With the goal of designing a sustainable building which has a relationship with our designing functioning, which carries the names of technology, we have used computer widely and defined parameters for our designing approach.

In our design process, light has a paramount role which is used as a parameter for designing the façade of main atrium and columns of the building. The main atrium gains its light from smart components on its surface, which according to the location of the sun can manage the amount of light. These components work the same as camera lenses, which open and close. We used shape memory alloy as elements of the lens, which can open and close themselves automatically with the sun location and the temperature of the atrium.

According to the standards, we know that how much light we need for each place. It is possible that we use our columns for this purpose. Columns can be transparent and we can control the amount of light with reducing or increasing the number of columns, or the refraction of them. Moreover, we can use the inside of them for elevators or other kinds of functions. On the other hand, we have an integrated space without any blocking.

The Information & Technology Center-section.jpg
The Information & Technology Center-plan.jpg
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The Information & Technology Center-view01.jpg
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